Collection 2.4 – The Taste of Life

The 2.4 Collection - the taste of life is a range of food products with added CBD.
Aimed at both the general public and professionals, our synergies give new impetus to existing food products by adding 2.4% CBD.
THC-free, alcohol-free, chemical-free, our synergies are sometimes created in collaboration with well-known brands that share our vision of the world, and are consumable 24 hours a day, hence their name.
Natural flavours, spices and condiments, teas and infusions, non-alcoholic spirits or jams and honeys: all our synergies in the 2.4 Collection are all about naturalness, health and a journey of the senses. 

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Collection 42 - Senses of Life

The 42 Collection - The Senses of Life is a range of food supplements composed of CBD, adaptogenic plants, superfoods and essential oils.
Intended for all lovers of natural products and those who aspire to well-being, our synergies are a blend of the best that nature has to offer.
The exceptional combined effects of our synergies have been extensively researched by our Ayurveda and aromatherapy experts. The taste, fragrance and texture of these synergies have also been carefully designed to produce a perfect blend in every way. Our synergies can be consumed sublingually (a few drops under the tongue), mixed with drinks or dishes, but also applied locally on the skin. Oils, shakes, candies, all our synergies are all about naturalness, well-being and sensory travel. 

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AromaGreen Collection

AromaGreen Premium Essential Oil

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